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a�?These are my new shoes. They’re good shoes. They won’t make you rich like me, they won’t make you rebound like me, they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. They’ll only make you have shoes like me.a�? Charles Barkley

The Soles for Sports Program is designed to encourage and engage children to fulfill their potential and reach their dreams. By providing a child with the appropriate athletic shoes and allowing them to explore their true athletic potential, we provide hope by fueling their passions and through sports the cycle of poverty can be broken.

It is amazing how one pair of shoes could make the difference between a life of poverty and hopelessness, and a life of confidence and accomplishment. We believe that encouraging sustainable social change among youth by using sports as a tool to relieve the effects of poverty through increased life skills, including developing leadership qualities, reducing at-risk behaviors, improving social connectedness, and encouraging self-worth and potential, positively impacts the lives of those individuals and their communities at large. How can a single pair of shoes do all this?

Today, your gently worn athletic shoes can live on and allow individuals the opportunity to excel in sports. Sports are more than a game or a luxury; they are a set of life lessons. RWS recognizes the value and importance of sports and physical activities in the emotional, physical, social and mental development of youth. We believe that participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values.

Many children are not afforded the chance to cultivate their talent or even to dream of the possibility of doing more. A pair of running, tennis, basketball, baseball or other athletic shoes could be the key out of poverty for many. The ability to be good at something especially a sport fosters self esteem, confidence and drive to vulnerable youth.

RWSa��s Solea��s for Sports program is an innovative step-by-step approach that builds assurance and a sense of self worth in at risk children, thereby allowing them to excel and start a chain reaction to get them out of poverty. Partnering with other organizations and community programs, we identify those with natural athletic ability in impoverished areas. With the help of our volunteers and the donations of many, we equip these individuals with the athletic footwear they need to cultivate their talent and excel. By providing children with the right pair of athletic shoes, we propel them to do their best in the sport of their choice. Through action, these children learn the disciplines necessary to achieve successful results by demonstrating responsibility, accountability and character, which are the founding principles of our Running with Sole.

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