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Running with Sole (RWS) is a not for profit organization that was founded in January of 2011, but its mission and vision were several years in the making.

The concept for RWS originally was to provide recycled running shoes, from Nada and other soul-minded individuals, to the less fortunate in the local community. A�An evolution soon occurred after visiting homeless shelters and distributing the shoes, RWS recognized the need to engage children who are less fortunate in physical activity. A�Additionally, it became evident that discipline, self esteem, motivation, confidence, and self worth were missing in the lives of these children. The lack of attention and care to these children’s physical and emotional well being gave birth to promoting physical activity and preventing childhood obesity. A�RWS evolved to incorporate our three Pa��s: Providing, Promoting, and Preventing. A�We provide shoes, promote physical activity and prevent childhood obesity.

At RWS we use physical fitness to inspire, motivate and encourage the health and fitness of the children in our community who are less fortunate.A�Our mission is: a�?Helping others put their best foot forward one shoe at a time.A� We do this by providing shoes to those in need, promoting physical activity and preventing childhood obesity.a�? We do this through our unique programs. Our Have a Hearta��Share a Sole program collects gently used or new shoes and donates them to those in need. Our Healthy Hearta��Healthy Souls program focuses on preventing childhood obesity by educating youth and their families about healthy eating habits, nutrition, and physical fitness. Our Soles for Sports program provides children with the appropriate athletic shoes to explore their athletic potential.

The future of Running with Sole is very exciting. With the help of volunteers, our partners and sponsors, we are embarking on a journey to do all that we can, as efficiently as we can, as long as we ever can to make a difference in the lives of people in need by PROVIDING, PROMOTING, PREVENTING

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