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Have a Heart, Share a Sole Program

Step by step, we begin to realize that in order to truly help these citizens of the world, we need to provide the shoeless with an overlooked essentiala��a pair of shoes.
For every day that you wake up and walk out of your house, there is someone whose heart aches for the chance to do the same. For every time that you lace your sneakers, there is a child scrubbing their dirty, swollen feet in shame. We dona��t realize how little it takes to significantly improve the life of someone that is suffering.
As members of humanity, it is not an option it is an obligation to do our part,. We collect shoes from individuals, shoe drives, our drop off locations, offices, corporations and other businesses, schools, teams, religious groups and communities. We collect any and all types of new and gently worn shoes from anyone willing to give, and we make sure that together we impact the life of someone who needs a pair of shoes.

At Running with Sole we facilitate the process of getting your new or gently worn shoes to those who need them. We do this through: Collection, Consolidation & Distribution. We collect new and gently worn shoes, we sort them, clean and pack them, and we then change lives by distributing your shoes to our neighbors in need. Fundamental to this task is inspiring a generation into action, by raising awareness of local and global need, and breaking the cycle of poverty through equipping individuals with one of the most basic necessities, a pair of shoes.
Why shoes? Shoes protect our soles from cuts, abrasions, and infections, they making walking easier and more comfortable, and they provide a sense of security and self respect. Shoes do more for an individual that has never had a single pair of their own than any of us could imagine. Many individuals must walk long distances barefoot to get food, to find work or to go to school, many must bear the pain of sharp objects cutting their feet, but most significantly many must suffer with illness and even death because of common, curable diseases and infections.
The cure is simplea��a�?Have a hearta��share a soul.a�?
Some people will provide shoes, while others will help us consolidate them, while others still will help us get them to those who need them most. No matter what role you play in the RWS family all roles are critical to fulfilling our vision.

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