Running with Sole


a�?If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of
your heart.a�?

Sole searchinga��

As a citizen of the world, Nada Sater, founder of Runningwithsole runs
on the streets of developing and third world countries as she believes
that is the best way to explore the world. One day while running, she
noticed that many people were barefoot. During her next run, she began
to ponder; here I am wondering which shoes match which dress
and everyone in the family I just passed was barefoota��how can they
stand the rough terrain?a��what if they cut their foot?a��what if that
cut becomes infected?a�� With a closet full of shoes, she quickly
realized that one of the things we take for granted, a pair of
shoes, is lacking for so many people.

Thata��s when Nada gave away her first pair of shoes to a young girl.
That small act of sharing a sole gave birth to Running With Sole. No
matter race, religion, gender, or social class RUNNING WITH SOLE is a
right for all

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